BOOM!BOX Quarterly Subscription Service

Quarterly Graphic Announcements, Exclusive Product Packaging, Product Design, Etc

BOOM!BOX Subscription Box from Espionage Cosmetics - 2016 - Current

BOOM!BOX is Espionage Cosmetics's quarterly subscription package (Which is currently on hiatus). Every quarter, They announce a theme of what the nerd haul will be. From those themes, nail wrap, exclusive products, and tons of nerd makeup are delivered right to your door! I've designed the past 6 Boxes announcements, insert cards, product packaging, and products!

General Theme Graphic & Announcement

These are the general graphics to announce the box. I'm responsible with coming up with a concept from start to finish & make social media graphics & banners to match. Most of these are very illustrative.

Boom!Box Insert Poster

Inserts for the subscription box offering more information on what subscribers will find inside their BoomBox. I've designed, organized, and often simulated products for these. On the other side there is a custom illustration by a featured artist.

Exclusive Frost Giant Loki Patch by Sheetar

Custom embroidered patch illustrated exclusively for the Frozen themed Boom!Box

Exclusive Frosted Nerd Web Infinity Scarf by Sheetar

Exclusively designed for the Frozen themed Boom!Box is a nerd web frosted infinity scarf.

Featured Artist Art Print - August 2017 by Sheetar

For August's Boom!Box I was the featured artist. This was a custom illustrated map for the Apocalyptic themed Boom!Box

Automaton Boom!Box Sticker Exclusives by Sheetar

Subscription Site Annoucement Graphic

Website Diagram

Mystery Boom!Box Sale

Boom!Box Item Sale!

Haunted : Bat Hairclip Postcard